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CRM system for dentistry

Dental clinics and private offices make sure that their customers are regular. But, besides this, it is necessary to attract new ones. CRM for dentistry will help to improve customer service and attract new patients. It is a powerful digital tool that brings business forward.

What opportunities does CRM for dentistry open up

Doctors and their assistants spend 30 to 90 minutes of their working time every day searching for information about the client.

It is also worth adding order processing, creating an invoice for payment and other business processes that are conducted in dentistry. Treating a patient is only part of the clinic’s work, the rest the patient usually does not see.

CRM system for dentistry helps to simplify patient management, automate many routine tasks and improve the quality of service. Digital opens up new opportunities for the dental business. The whole process, starting from the call, becomes structured and looks like this:

  • the patient calls to make an appointment
    • If he or she has already been to the clinic, the CRM for accounting of dentistry clients will immediately report this and provide his or her name and interaction history.
    • If the patient is new, then in real time, the assistant can enter his or her data into a personal card. This is an electronic medical record, which displays not only personal data, but also the history of appeals. Dental records, reasons for treatment and other important data for the doctor are attached. The patient’s record is also kept online.
  • The assistant records the treatment, writes down the symptoms, sets the time.
  • CRM has a built-in doctor’s calendar. An appointment is immediately entered into it. The doctor always knows his or her schedule, and the likelihood of errors is reduced. If the date is already taken, the assistant receives a notification and assigns the patient another time.
  • The notification system will warn the doctor about the appointment and also send a reminder to the client. Setting up notifications allows you to warn customers at a specified time, for example, 2 days, a day and a few hours before the appointment.

During the appointment, all data is entered into a personal medical record. CRM for dentistry allows you to make financial calculations, forms a contract for the provision of medical services and issues an invoice. All in one place and in electronic format. Simple, convenient and efficient.

What to consider when choosing a CRM for a dental clinic

There are many solutions that allow you to work with clients. CRM systems for dentistry have wide functionality, many of them are flexible in settings. But several factors should be considered:

Dentists often combine work in a private office and a public hospital. Therefore, the doctor must remotely have access to information and receive alerts in order to respond to the record in time. For this purpose, a mobile application and a customized notification system are used.

The source of incoming calls can be not only a phone from advertising, but also a website, messenger or other tools. Therefore, CRM for dentistry must be integrated with third-party tools.

Personal settings and flexibility of the system is one of the important points. So the company will be able to customize the tool to its needs.

The CRM interface should be clear and easy to learn. The doctor or his assistant will not spend a lot of time to find the right function or button.

Therefore, we offer individual development of a CRM system for dentistry. At the start, it requires more significant investments than a boxed solution, but in the long run it will be much more efficient and save money.

You get tools personally tailored to your needs. Next, we will tell you how such development takes place and why it is beneficial.

Functions performed by the CRM system of dentistry

CRM for dentistry is practically another employee who helps in organizational matters 24/7.

Firstly, it really makes it possible to make an appointment at any time.

If a patient has a toothache in the middle of the night, he can make an appointment without an operator in automatic mode. In the personal system, you can configure how to distribute such patients. Or in the morning he will be the first in line to process the application.

Secondly, the CRM system for dentistry performs many functions, including:

  • Maintaining a customer base. Each client has a personal card that stores history and important data. For example, if the client does not tolerate anesthesia, is sensitive to pain. In addition, the doctor can supplement the card with personal comments about the patient’s condition and characteristics.
  • Planning. Dental treatment is sometimes delayed, so you need to immediately make a schedule. So the client knows when his next appointment is, and the doctor has the right days. CRM for dentistry will always remind the patient about the appointment.
  • Implementation of the bonus program. A bonus system will help to increase visitor loyalty. Each visit is recorded, so the program can calculate a personal discount. Thanks to the personal data in the card, the clinic can draw up a plan of actions for each client, for example, discounts on the occasion of a birthday.
  • Financial analytics. One of the most important functions that greatly facilitates the work of the clinic. All financial statements are in one place. Management sees the ratio of expenses and income. Based on these data, a plan for further work is formed, a business development strategy is developed and there is a clear understanding of how effectively the company works.
  • Formation of the working schedule of employees. There are several employees in the dental clinic, so it is important to plan schedules correctly. Also, through CRM systems for dentistry, you can plan vacations, track sick leave, and record shifts.
  • Document flow. A large number of documents are kept in the dental clinic. In addition to billing and contracts with patients, the clinic concludes a contract for the supply of medicines and equipment. All documents are stored in one place, and thanks to the creation of templates, you can speed up the process of working with documents and simplify their filling.
  • Online appointment to the dentist. The client just needs to make a couple of clicks on his smartphone to make an appointment with a doctor. This increases the number of appeals, simplifies the interaction between the company and the patient, makes it possible to contact the clinic at any time.
  • Automated sale of services. Now, in addition to telephone calls, direct interaction on the site works. The patient studies the information you provide on your website and makes an appointment in a few clicks. This automates the process of selling services.

All these functions are performed by a single CRM system for dentistry. This is your reliable assistant who is always at hand and ready to work without days off, rest and sick leave.

Advantages of CRM dentistry

The functions of the CRM system of dentistry are very voluminous. But the clinic can work without them if the manager copes with this task. So why introduce a new tool into your company?

Because it has a lot of advantages:

  • standardization of business processes. The staff will follow certain rules to work in the system, so all processes become clear and structured;
  • detailed reporting allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of employees and fairly reward them;
  • the system allows you to collect all the necessary information about the client and provides it in a convenient form, and each stage of interaction is recorded;
  • staff efficiency increases due to efficiency control and development of a bonus program, all processes within the company are improved, everyone clearly understands what to do; segmentation of customers makes it possible to break them into categories, for example, permanent, one-time, regular – this allows you to better process applications and improve sales;
  • most business processes are automated and simplified, the workload on the manager is reduced, and the efficiency of attracting customers increases;
  • automation of applications reception in time makes it possible to increase the flow of visitors;
  • the likelihood of errors is reduced, since the CRM for dentistry controls every action, notifies patients about the appointment, sets the doctor’s work schedule.

This is a tool that brings the clinic to a new level of service. Then everything is in the hands of the doctor. But working with the client becomes simple, comfortable and profitable. Therefore, implement CRM for dentistry in your business.

Stages of CRM development for dentistry

The development takes place in several stages:

  • Collection of functional requirements for the system. We study the features of your business, the principles of working with clients, dive into business processes to understand what tools need to be digitalized.
  • Creation of technical specifications. Based on the collected data, we create a technical task for specialists, select a technology stack, and choose a development methodology. Our goal is to make the product as soon as possible and launch it so that you can feel the result.
  • Reflection of design. Special attention is paid to design, because it is important for us to make the CRM for accounting of dentistry clients attractive in appearance and easy to use. Therefore, designers think over the placement of all elements. If you have a corporate identity, we use it to unify the design.
  • Drawing up a backlog. Sprint development. This is an effective approach to development. Tasks are assigned, development time is determined, which is called a sprint. Further in the sprint, designers, programmers and other specialists carry out their work plan. At the next sprint, the result is evaluated and new tasks are set. This is how CRM for dentistry is gradually created.
  • Technical support and product development. After development, the product is tested and launched. But this is not the end of our work. Our specialists provide warranty technical support, as well as think about how to improve the product and make it even more effective.

This approach to development allows us to create personal CRM for dentistry and take into account the needs of the business. It is important for us to make a tool for your company so that it immediately starts working and brings benefits.


CRM system for dentistry is an excellent solution that does not replace, but complements the work of the manager, improves customer interaction and increases loyalty to the company.

It helps to automate many processes, keep a client card in electronic form, simplify appointments and make work plans. This is another employee who helps to develop the business and brings it to a new level.

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