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PPC management service in Houston for Google Ads

We believe that the best proof of the company’s professionalism are the cases and real feedback from its clients. Anyone can talk as much as he or she want about how great their advertising configures, gives excellent results, but every word needs to be confirmed. Evaluate us not by words but by results and here are some of our works.

Recent cases

seo for neolit
NicheLogisticsPeriod7 yearsResult8$ for order, 70-90 orders per month
NicheMattrassesPeriod12 monthResult4000+ orders
NicheDoors and furniturePeriod2 yearsResult2x orders
NicheConstructionsPeriod2 yearsResult100% leads increased
NicheTextilePeriod10 monthResult18 900 orders
NicheAgroPeriod3 monthResult452 leads

Entrust your growth to professionals

We love our clients, and they love us back

Great company! They made the site quickly and with high quality. Always helped with expert advice, from the manager to the commercial director. Now we are working on the promotion of the site. Definitely recommend!


CEO, packaging manufacturer

We have been working with Phoenix Industry for about 3 years. We made a website, and now, according to our wishes and with their constructive suggestions, we have updated it, we cooperate on SEO and advertising. Great professionals – issues are resolved promptly, we can always count on support. The specialists here go into the essence of the business, work professionally without wasting money. Thank you for a pleasant cooperation!


CCO, real estate

We are very pleased with the work with FENIX, we worked on our project for a long time, and the result exceeded all expectations. Our project won the nomination Best Design 2021 according to ITRating.


CMO, meat manufacturer

I turned to the guys to create a complex online gallery project, with the possibility of purchase, with biographies of the authors, as well as complex functionality of the exhibition of works by several authors. The Fenix team did everything on a high level from design to development of all the functional parts. At all stages of development I have received excellent communication, the guys are fully immersed in the business processes of my project and generate great ideas.


CEO, art gallery

I’ve been working with the guys for the second year already (SEO promotion and website development),
I am very grateful for professional approach and, accordingly, the high results! As well, I’d like to
mention the close-knit teamwork of all departments and focus on results.


PM, online pharmacy

We have several online wallpapers for wall stores, one of which Fenix has been promoting for over 7 years. To compare the results, with our other sites, we have applied to other companies for many years. As a result, today Fenix promotes all our sites. I think this is the best characteristic of the specialists working here.


CEO, e-commerce

The services we provide


Account setup & Strategy


Google Shopping / Merchant Center

PPC management for e-commerce

Analytics and Call-tracking

Customize ads based on data on conversions and user behavior.

Conversion rate optimization

Analyze your site and make recommendations that are guaranteed to increase sales.

We specialize in working with Google Ads and offer our clients a complex service from account setup to results analytics. We are perfectly understand that the primary objective of advertising is payback. That’s why we pay special attention to analytics and work with site conversion. We are deeply interested in the business of our clients, we always recommend installation of call-tracking systems and CRM, so that we can make valid conclusions about the work of advertising and competently set it up.

Based on the available analytics, our experts regularly make recommendations to increase the conversion of the site. It is almost always much cheaper to make changes to the site and get more clients than just increase the budget and try to set up even better what is already working well.

choose our plan


Perfectly designed plans for each type and size of business. Only necessary works in the optimal amount of time.


for small businesses to attract max clients in their area
from490$per month
  • Individual strategy
  • Semantic core
  • Adaptive sales ads
  • Search campaigns
  • Dynamic ads
  • Google Analytics setting up
  • Google Tag Manager container creating
  • Goals, conversions setting up
  • Report
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for medium size companies that want to scale up
from690$per month
  • All from Local package
  • Remarketing
  • Hotjar (study of user behavior)
  • Call Tracking
  • Website recommendations for increasing conversions
  • Creating new strategies and experiments to increase business income
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for e-commerce, marketplaces, crypto and global markets comp.
from990$per month
  • All from Corporate package
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Merchant Center
  • Google Display Network
  • Youtube campaigns
  • Beta-functions testing
  • KPI oriented
  • ROI oriented
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our team

Top performers

Get to know each other? Fenix Industry – more than 40 in-house specialists, 5 separate departments and no freelancers.






Lead Designer


Lead Developer


Head of sales


Head of PPC


Project manager


PPC advertising campaign prices vary by business, industry and strategy.

The cost depends on the following factors:

  • level of competition (the more participants in the auction, the higher the rate per click will be)
  • value of the product/service (the higher the price, the more bidders will be ready to spend to attract one visitor or get a conversion)
  • number of advertised services/good categories
  • geography

If you have a limited budget, the specialist will always be able to say what results can be achieved within it.

Bid: its size will depend on the number of bidders and their bids, keywords, region of advertising, quality of ads account and many other factors, but these are the main ones.


  • by keywords (the phrases work with different efficiency, the commercial ones will have a higher price per click)
  • by region (there is more competition in big cities, which means higher bids)

Ads quality: the task of ppc specialist is to make this indicator as high as possible, in Google Ads cabinet you can see what quality indicator is now.

Previously ppc specialist should analyze: site, niche, competition, demand in the region for keywords, current rates of competitors.

After that it will be clear:

  • budget
  • number of visits
  • approximate conversion
  • sales amount
  • profit

The main factor is conversion. If you have never had advertising, then you have to take the average index in the niche for the calculations.

A good site – very important. If the site is bad, the conversion will be close to zero.

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Our team is ready to increase the number of your clients, how about you?

    Pay Per Click (PPC)

    E-commerce allows you to ensure the effective development of the company. To promote the site, you will need to pay attention to advertising, which is carried out on the Internet using various methods. One of them is Pay Per Click (PPC), which can be ordered on our website. This marketing tactic is based on the use of keywords. PPC can be done using AdWords, which is ideal for the task at hand. Other services give guaranteed results.

    Advertising is the main engine for the development of sites on the Internet, which is important to remember and consider. E-commerce ppc management should be done by people who are well aware of pricing and what tools to use to achieve the goal. With us, your website will be in good hands, and the budget will be used as efficiently as possible.

    PPC Management from the Professionals

    Google Ads management is one area where we excel. Each keyword has a certain value, which is set within the service used for promotion. Therefore, ads on Google for different queries lead to different sites. By using the right keywords, a company can provide effective PPC management. Even if you can’t set a firm budget for advertising, the right approach to campaign organization will allow you to get more customers and maintain their interest in the site, which is what Google Ads advertising is for.

    The PPC agency has an excellent understanding of how algorithms work today. We will do our best to make sure that the pay per click ad of the online platform leads to the fact that the investment is justified. The ad will be broadcast to an audience that is interested in using the offered services or purchasing goods. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing provides further brand development through digital marketing.

    PPC marketing

    In our agency, contextual advertising is carried out by specialists who are well aware of its features and always take into account the preferences of customers. Pay-per-click advertising will help make your business flourish, even if its owner does not have enough experience or knowledge to build an advertising campaign on his own. It is enough that the ppc marketing is set by specialists who have been doing this kind of work for more than 5 years. If you decide to contact us, you can:

    • reduce advertising costs;
    • improve your reputation among local clients;
    • achieve the goals of the site in terms of the number of visitors faster;
    • get the best value on the market in Houston.

    PPS ads are limited in its volume, so professionals have to fight to get the best PPC spot. If you do not have the opportunity or time to follow the ad auction and buy positions with the best prices, then our specialists will do it for you. We will find a go-to-market strategy that uses Google Ads effectively and does not require an increase in CPC.

    Houston PPC agency is waiting for clients

    By contacting us, the customer will be able to achieve the best quality indicators within the set budget. The Houston PPC agency helps to choose a development vector for the company, and also provides advice, thanks to which the customer will have an accurate idea of ​​how the tasks set will help improve the position of the site in sales.

    If you need a google ads manager, then we offer to order his services without any overpayment. Create your website and set up advertising following the algorithms by our specialists, which have already taken advantage of many customers. We offer to-order services such as:

    • website development;
    • SEO-optimization;
    • selection of design for the site.

    Applying the PPC agency Houston, you will receive a correctly working advertising campaign, created taking into account the features of the site. You will not need to understand the intricacies of working with different services, which would take a lot of time. A qualified specialist is always in touch and ready to answer additional questions.

    Practice shows that pay-per-click advertising is one of the most effective methods of digital marketing. It should be applied to take conversions to a whole new level, as well as to increase the return on investment. With the help of advertising, it is possible to open up new opportunities to increase sales or enter new markets.

    Many beginners believe that advertising is just an additional source of costs and rely solely on organic clicks. At the same time, this concept can lead to the fact that the site will constantly lose its audience, and the time that should have been spent on its rapid growth will be wasted.

    The Google Ads Specialist will explain what the set budget will be used for. Depending on the funds that the customer is allocated for advertising, a strategy will be formulated that can be based on high-frequency or low-frequency queries. It is worth investing in advertising for the following reasons:

    • low entry threshold;
    • improved company perception;
    • accurate targeting;
    • fast result.

    The high level of competition in the network leads to the understanding that you need to act quickly, using the most effective methods to develop the project. These include contextual advertising, which we suggest you use it. You can see immediate results right after starting a new project. Our advertising company will set up advertising according to an individual plan and will adjust it on the first request. The customer can get a detailed report on the work performed and at any time take advantage of additional advice from a team representative.

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