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SEO that deliver result.

We believe that the best proof of the company’s professionalism are the cases and real feedback from its clients. Anyone can talk as much as he or she want about how great their advertising configures, gives excellent results, but every word needs to be confirmed. Evaluate us not by words but by results and here are some of our works.

Recent SEO cases

seo for miragio
SEO for Miraggio
NicheManufacturerPeriod1 yearResult5,5x organic traffic
seo for dniprobud
SEO for Dniprobud
NicheConstructionPeriod2 yearsResult5x revenue
seo for pc
Seo for PC
NicheComputersPeriod6 yearsResult15x organic traffic, 10x orders
SEO for Zdravica
SEO for Zdravica
NichePharmacyPeriod3 yearsResult86x organic traffic, 9x orders
SEO for Apteka UA
SEO for Apteka UA
NichePharmacyPeriod6 monthResult15x organic traffic
SEO for Neolit
SEO for Neolit
NicheLogisticsPeriod7 yearsResult3,5x traffic, 8x conversions

Entrust your growth to professionals

We love our clients, and they love us back

We have several online wallpapers for wall stores, one of which Fenix has been promoting for over 7 years. To compare the results, with our other sites, we have applied to other companies for many years. As a result, today Fenix promotes all our sites. I think this is the best characteristic of the specialists working here.


CEO, e-commerce

We are a manufacturer of artificial stone sanitary ware. We were very worried that we would not be able to achieve results in SEO, we only have 4 product categories and not many products. As a result, in one year the site was in the top 10 for all priority keywords, and the traffic increased by more than 5 times.


CMO, manufacturer

We have been working with Fenix on the SEO of our website for more than 7 years. We also did our website with them and started from scratch. Today, our company is the leader in selling computer equipment in the country. Importantly, the company tracks our conversions, calls and sales. They regularly offer improvements to the site.


CEO, e-commerce

We originally approached Fenix with a small website on WordPress. The guys improved our position to the top 3 literally in a month. After that, they explained that the site was poorly implemented and that we would not be able to scale it up. We reworked the site, understanding that we were going to do SEO further. In 2 years, we have increased traffic almost 10 times. We are in the business of building houses and we are booked a year in advance. We are very happy with our partnership.


CEO, construction

In the first year, we were able to increase our website traffic from 0 to 500,000 visits per month. We have been in business for over 3 years and are constantly achieving new results. We have a challenging and competitive niche, with a lot of updates that greatly affect the performance of the site. Fenix have proven themselves as a real professionals.


PM, online pharmacy

The SEO services we provide


Local SEO

Fast results. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses


Structure, semantics, keywords optimization, meta, texts and other


We will find the best links for your site/niche to improve positions

Technical optimization

Implement recommendations for improved site ranking

These services are basic to get into the top 10 of Google. But we offer each project only those services that it needs to get the desired result. Not all of these services are needed at once. It depends on the current situation of the site and the goals set.

We are deeply interested in the business of our clients, we always recommend installation of call-tracking systems and CRM, so that we can make valid conclusions about the work of advertising and competently set it up. Based on the available analytics, our experts regularly make recommendations to increase the conversion of the site. It is almost always much cheaper to make changes to the site and get more clients than just increase the budget and try to set up even better what is already working well.


SEO Packages

Local SEO

for small businesses to attract max clients in their area
$990per month
  • Google Business Profile optimization
  • Keywords research
  • Assign keywords to pages
  • SEO audit
  • Technical task and implementation
  • Сonversion increase recommendations
  • Analytics setup
  • Google Webmaster setup
  • Report
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for medium size companies that want to scale up
$1490per month

All from Local pack


  • Strategy
  • Semantic core
  • Technical task for copywriter
  • Assign keywords to pages
  • Texts, images, tables optim.
  • Meta-tags & headlines optim. 
  • SEO audit
  • Technical audit
  • Task for implementation
  • KPI & conversions analysis 

  • Report with conclusion and recommendations

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for e-commerce, marketplaces, crypto and global markets comp.

All from Corporate pack


  • Off-page optim.
  • Technical optim.
  • Up-to-date with Google's algorithm
  • Extended Analytics
  • Functional recom.
  • Call Tracking
  • KPI & ROI oriented
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our team

Top performers

Get to know each other? Fenix Industry – more than 40 in-house specialists, 5 separate departments and no freelancers.






Lead Designer


Lead Developer


Head of sales


Head of PPC


Project manager


The budget for seo is formed of the main components:

1. Agency work (estimated in hours and depends on the volume and complexity of the project);

2. Copywriting (for a small corporate website is enough 10-20K characters per month, and for ecommerce projects can be 100K per month);

3. Link building (volume is estimated based on the level of competition, link profile of competitors).

The budget is most influenced by what the final result you want to get and how quickly. If quickly – then seo will be expensive.

Strategy – the basis for promotion, including: an analysis of the niche, competitors, keywords, demand for the product or service. This work should be performed at the earliest stages of project creation.

The strategy will help to create a site that will be easy to promote in the future, to provide the necessary functionality, to develop a competent structure, to understand the budget for seo in advance.

If you are just going to create a new project, seo team should be involved from the very beginning. This will prevent mistakes, the correction of which will cost many times more than seo services.

The strategy can be included in the work on seo, or performed separately.

Local SEO is a type of promotion within one city or region.
It is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that provide services in a specific territory (dentists, veterinary clinics, lawyers, accountants, plumbers, etc.).

The first phase – optimization of Google My Business (company profile on Google Maps), through which it is possible to increase the number of calls/requests several times in the first month (depending on competition). This work does not require intervention in the site.

The second stage – internal website optimization for keywords. The position of the site will improve and you can get even more leads.

SEO audit can be several types and before ordering this service, in the task to seo specialist you need to specify the reason for the audit, which should be solved.

The main reasons for the audit: the low position of the site, small traffic, a sharp decline in positions/traffic.

Based on the preliminary analysis of the site, seo-specialist understands what type of audit you will need.

The main types of problems:
– technical condition of the site (including speed)
– negative influence of Google filters
– poor quality of site optimization
– seo-errors (duplicates, a large number of pages not optimized, relevance issues, etc.)
– links (low quality, spam)

On-page – optimization work on the pages of the site with the main purpose – to increase the positions of priority keywords.

The main stages of optimization:

  • development of the structure
  • semantic core
  • technical task for a copywriter
  • filling meta-tags
  • adding texts to the site
  • optimization of priority pages, optimization of titles, linking, work with pictures and tables
  • development of technical audit to eliminate bugs
  • preparation of recommendations for technical optimization of the site (crawling budget, site speed, micro-labeling, etc.)

Off-page seo – work on increasing the links that lead to the promoted site in order to increase its position by keywords. Links are placed in the articles on thematic sites, which are written in advance on the job seo-specialist.

The basis of the work is to pre-select sites for their technical indicators, discussing the terms of placement with the webmaster of the site. Links – the most important ranking factor in Google, you need to clearly monitor their volume and quality. Especially in high-competitive topics, links are necessary.

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Our team is ready to increase the number of your clients through SEO, how about you?

    How does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work?

    There are a huge number of stores and sites on the Internet, which differ little from each other in their functionality and variety of goods. How is it possible that some of them can acquire a huge audience, while others remain niche sites with several hundred visitors a day?

    The reason lies in how effective the advertising campaign and search Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been. Setting up a site so that it manages to win in the competition and maintain its position is not an easy task, which is best entrusted to specialists. For our team, SEO optimization is one of those areas that we pay close attention to. Thanks to many years of experience, specialists can ensure the rapid growth of the site’s popularity for certain search queries, the pool of which will be formed with the project niche.

    Many start-up companies hire a full-time SEO specialist who works to improve the ranking of the site. At the same time, this leads to significant expenses, which at the start of a business can lead to negative consequences. Website seo optimization, ordered from us, will save on cost, but not on the quality of services. Our specialist will conduct a study of what queries the site is currently ranking for and how effectively they work, and then supplement the core with key queries to compile a list suitable for a particular site. The study of keywords and promotion strategy should be carried out in the first stage of optimization, which will quickly get the desired result.

    SEO services for various companies

    Optimization is a broad concept that includes various SEO services:

    • On-page;
    • Off-page;
    • Technical SEO;
    • Local SEO;
    • Analytics.

    Each task should be entrusted to a specialist who can handle it fully and on time. Link building is the creation of a link base with the help of relevant websites. This allows you to increase the citation index and raise the position of the site, including its credibility of it on the part of search robots. Link building is best left to professionals who have many years of experience and know-how best to allocate the budget.

    High positions on the search engine results page (SERP) allow you to win in the competition without serious investment. Technical SEO makes it possible to improve website performance by using modern algorithms to increase the speed of the page-loading process. The cost of SEO optimization necessarily includes technical SEO, which will be minimally costly for small businesses. During the work, specialists eliminate errors that speed up page scanning by search crawlers.

    Google Business Profile allows you to optimize the local ranking of the site. With its help, it is possible to expand the audience of visitors. Our specialists will set up your profile in such a way that SEO for e-commerce will give you perfect results. On-page SEO allows you to make your site more visited through high-quality traffic. We use tools that help make the site reliable in the eyes of customers and search engines. The SEO company will pay attention to every nuance so that local SEO allows you to get a quick response in the form of an increase in conversion.

    External SEO is designed to increase the position of the site in the global online rankings. Our experts have a wealth of industry experience to help improve your Houston site’s foot traffic while staying within your budget. The SEO optimization company will use all white papers to ensure that the site gets into the white lists of search engines and is on the highest lines of search results.

    Houston SEO company at your service

    Our company has many years of experience, which has allowed us to diversify the package of services that our customers can use. The Houston SEO company is a huge metropolis in which the competition in the world of digital commerce reaches high levels.

    For this reason, you need to make a lot of effort to reach the goal and be among the leaders among the sellers of popular products. To achieve this goal, an SEO agency performs some tasks, including selecting suitable images and writing content. If such work is done by a specialist, then it will improve the movement of users on the site, the positions of which will grow thanks to keywords.

    The search engine optimization price depends on what tasks should be solved by specialists. The expert will offer to set up the site in the Google search engine, which remains the most popular among buyers. A strategy will be selected with the help of which online marketing will achieve the best possible performance. Search engine optimization seo service will consolidate the results. If you need additional services, you can also order them from our company:

    • digital audit;
    • selection of a suitable website engine;
    • creating a responsive interface and redesign;
    • search for a modern CMS, such as WordPress;
    • analytics and analysis of site positions.

    SEO optimization WordPress will allow you to get results that you could only dream of before. Our consultant will be happy to answer questions about how to take your site to a new level of marketing effectiveness. Any business needs SEO optimization for website to be carried out professionally. For this, we use the best services in terms of price/quality ratio. Qualified managers will help ensure that SEO content optimization achieves its goal, and that the site will gain a lot of new users.

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