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About project

To develop a corporate website for Bartolomeo Resort Town to attract the potential customers to purchase the luxury apartments. The project should solve the main business task – to present the complex to as many potential buyers as possible, as well as to attract the orders for initial consultation and subsequent sales through remarketing method.
Vladislav Ponamorenko
Project Manager

Selection of residential complexes

The page clearly shows the structure of complex to be built. Interactive animation to select a complex in order to view the apartments. The visitor sees the complexes that have already been put into operation, as well as the buildings with apartments for sale and objects to be constructed.

Selection of apartments

The apartment selection section in Bartolomeo Resort Town is implemented using the Single Page. Application technology. This approach allows you to present the apartment to a potential buyer as much as possible. Interactive communication with interface allows you to get all necessary information without distractions. As a result, the target audience is maximally involved into of choosing a home, which increases the speed of making a decision to buy an apartment.

Extensive information in modern design

The site fully covers the information needs of any potential client in construction of residential complex
Bartolomeo Resort Town. You can get all information about improvement of complex and the surrounding infrastructure in town. Moreover, we make the emphasis on compliance with modern trends in architecture and construction technologies.


Сlient feedback

We love our clients, and they love us back

We have been working with Phoenix Industry for about 3 years. We made a website, and now, according to our wishes and with their constructive suggestions, we have updated it, we cooperate on SEO and advertising. Great professionals – issues are resolved promptly, we can always count on support. The specialists here go into the essence of the business, work professionally without wasting money. Thank you for a pleasant cooperation!



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