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Project objective

To develop an art marketplace for Wall31, a company that prints the clothes and souvenirs. The project format anticipates involving the people, who design the clothes, for cooperation. For this category of users, it was necessary to develop a system that downloads the prints, overlays the available clothing/souvenir products and pays the royalties for each product, sold from the site. For customers, the store offers a huge selection of prints on T-shirts/hoodies/souvenirs, etc., where you can choose your favorite color, favorite print at affordable price and order the goods.

Vladislav Ponamarenko
Project Manager

Products catalog

The product catalog offers the visitor an affordable range of products that can be made to order when the buyer places an order. Just choose the necessary type of product with a unique print, make a purchase and receive the finished order within the specified time in any way convenient for you.

Product page

On product page, one can look at design on the selected item, as well as view the print on enlarged scale individually. If the design falls under age restrictions, the proof of age will be requested, otherwise the content will be hidden from free view. To order a product, select the desired color, size and add the product to the cart.

Product designer

We developed the system for authors of the design that applies the prints to various types of products:
cups, bags, T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc. To create a product, just upload a print and proceed to apply the image to the product.

Product designer

After you downloaded your print, go to product designer, where you can accurately position the design on the product through available tools, select the colors of base, on which the design will be applied. When you placed the design, you go to the screen that confirms the successful creation of products.

Product designer

As soon as all actions to place your design on products are completed, you’ll see message about successful completion of procedure with a list of created products that have been added to Wall31 general catalog and is ready for sale.

Author's personal account

The author’s personal account enables to create the products using self-designed prints, to set up a personal gallery of products/designs, as well as conveniently to track the sales statistics both in general and for each print


The completed project completely solves the task set by the client and works correctly on any type of device. Check out the level of adaptability of the site or go to the full version at the link below.



Сlient feedback

We love our clients, and they love us back

I turned to the guys to create a complex online gallery project, with the possibility of purchase, with biographies of the authors, as well as complex functionality of the exhibition of works by several authors. The Fenix team did everything on a high level from design to development of all the functional parts. At all stages of development I have received excellent communication, the guys are fully immersed in the business processes of my project and generate great ideas.



CEO, art gallery
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