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About project

To develop an online contemporary art gallery for a client in Los Angeles, where the artists can sell the real art work and organize the exhibitions. Visitors to the project should be able to see the paintings in stock, place an order for the items they like, and learn more about the gallery’s authors.
Vladislav Ponamorenko
Project Manager

Home page

The project home page welcomes the users with a list of top works in online gallery. You can to get acquainted with the paintings, if necessary, consider the work in more detail if you go to the appropriate page. A potential buyer can quickly move between the site pages through navigation in site header.

Popular arts

Section of popular arts on project home page enables the potential buyers quickly to dive into the world of contemporary art trends and to explore the new directions from various artists. In addition to paintings, the visitor’s attention is drawn to current exhibitions that are taking place at the moment, as well as to selection of popular artists

Online exhibition

The gallery owner can organize the exhibitions on the site at any time. Each exhibition is formed from a set of arts by one or more authors. For an event, you can set the date, theme, and format of event. The tool is both marketing and entertainment in nature for potential buyers of arts.


The checkout is designed taking into account the geography of project target audience and requires a minimum set of data to confirm the purchase. At this stage, the buyer can adjust the number of arts or remove any positions from the general list.


The completed project completely solves the task set by the client and works correctly on any type of device. Check out the level of adaptability of the site or go to the full version at the link below.


Сlient feedback

We love our clients, and they love us back

I turned to the guys to create a complex online gallery project, with the possibility of purchase, with biographies of the authors, as well as complex functionality of the exhibition of works by several authors. The Fenix team did everything on a high level from design to development of all the functional parts. At all stages of development I have received excellent communication, the guys are fully immersed in the business processes of my project and generate great ideas.



CEO, art gallery
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