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About project

The site of our client has been in TOP-10 according to Google’s search results and is one of the leaders in its category in Ukraine. For that time, we managed to increase the organic traffic by 15 times, which led to growth in sales by 10 times. 


More than 6 years ago, a client contacted us and asked to design the online store and to make its further SEO promotion. We in our work adhere to complex approach to promote any business online, although originally the task is rather simple – “to increase the traffic”, we understand that the main task of any business is the sales growth and it is not enough only to increase the traffic. 


We completely updated the client’s website for 2 times in order to increase the store conversion. While making SEO job, we always clearly monitor for sales, integrate CRM systems, combine the phone call analytics. When you’ve got a lot of data at your hands, we can offer the solutions to the client that will lead to the desired result.

Project Manager


seo traffic increased 

Is it more or less to have been grown by 15 times by traffic for 6 years? We believe that this is a good result, taking into account all the project features and the subject matter.

One should understand that each niche has its own maximum that one site can obtain from organics that is in TOP-1/3. We are limited by the range, a number of product groups and brands that our client has. If the business can expand, then we continue to scale the project and to increase the traffic, if not, we are working on increasing the conversion.

order increased

It makes sense that the more traffic, the more sales are. However, there are no business situations, when the growth in traffic directly corresponds to the increase in sales because the site grows not only by commercial queries but also by informational ones.

Taking this approach and the maximum traffic limit into account, we work hard to increase the conversion. It is much better to make the competent redesign and to raise the conversion even by 1%, than to try to get more traffic.

keywords in TOP-10

This indicator is also very decent. As with traffic, each topic has its own maximum number of keywords. We are also limited by the range of project.

We regularly introduce the technical improvements, develop the new modules that allow to increase the infrequent phrases, because they are always behind in order to achieve the constant growth in a number of keywords. There can be thousands of infrequent queries and it is quite difficult to optimize the site for such number of keywords with frequency of 10-20 sets per month.

years in TOP-10

We know for sure that many competitors have appeared in our client’s category over the past 6 years, so we always need to keep finger on the pulse and stay strong in the pursuit of your goals. Don’t copy your competitors but constantly implement the new solutions first.


Сlient feedback

We love our clients, and they love us back


We have been working with Fenix on the SEO of our website for more than 7 years. We also did our website with them and started from scratch. Today, our company is the leader in selling computer equipment in the country. Importantly, the company tracks our conversions, calls and sales. They regularly offer improvements to the site.


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