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About project

We managed to reach the maximum sales for 3 months at the background of other competitors thanks to timely feedback from the client. We managed to cover the entire seasonal period, and to sell all the planned products. Next year, we’re going to expand to the new regions. 


The company provides the agricultural business with seed material, protection products and fertilizers. In this direction, it is very important to understand and to take into account such factor as seasonality. We had the task to attract the customers to the website in a short period. 


For a quick and effective advertising start, it is very important to receive the feedback from the customer on questions about access and improvements to the website, “feeds” with products, information on products and search queries. Everything will be launched efficiently and timely only if you have coordinated the work between the agency and the customer. 


We decided to launch several search and product campaigns (Google Shopping), banner advertising after the market analysis. Thus, we fully cover the demand in search.

Project Manager


leads for 3 month

Conversion is the main performance, on which we rely while evaluating the effectiveness. The target action of a person that leads to successful operation. In our case, it was important to get a lot of high-quality conversions, calls, orders, a “call me back” button, etc.

At the initial stage, it is important to take the feedback from the customer about the quality of conversions. If this stage is not fulfilled, the budget will be likely wasted. The client will spend the money and won’t get the expected result.

cost per lead

It often the case that you’ve got the request and they’re of good quality. Hereby, the cost of one request does not pay off the profit from sale of the goods or services. We study the request, competitors and user behavior very carefully. It enables to manage the account and to reduce the cost of conversion.

orders done with 400-1800$ avarage check

Result is the main assessment for quality of our work. “Quickly” to receive the results is often the wrong strategy. We are very attentive to all changes when maintaining an advertising account. And as a rule, it gives its results.

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