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We managed to increase the number of conversions by more than 2 times without increase in budget only for 2 years of active work. 


The company sells and installs the doors of all types. This business niche is very competitive. The main difficulty lies in the very specificity of the product. As a rule, you should come to a salon to buy a door, look at the color / texture / material, pick up the accessories. It is quite difficult to evaluate the advertising effectiveness in such case. 


It is necessary to use CRM system and call analytics. During each month, we monitor the results and improve the performances that are positively reflected in the client’s sales. The main orders are made by phone. We began to analyze the performance of advertising campaigns after implementation Ringostat’s IP telephony. It helped to identify the efficiencies and to increase the sales.

Project Manager


leads per month

One of the key performances that allows you to determine the effectiveness of advertising. Since our customer has offline stores in city Dnipro, as a rule, all purchases are made through it. It is necessary to set up a CRM system, to train the sales department to record all queries statuses and to have the tools to analyze the phone calls in order clearly to understand how requests that you’ve got are converted into real sales. We use Ringostat.

cost per lead

The phase of advertising optimization starts when the advertising is already running and attracting the customers. We consider it one of the most important stages in development of advertising account and improvement of client’s business. We work every day to lower the cost of conversion. At the end, the customer gets more clients for the same money.

conversion increased

No business can be developed without development of marketing tools. We always strive to improve all performances of advertising campaigns. We managed to increase the number of conversions by more than 2 times almost for a year. This is an excellent indicator for such competitive sphere. At the same time, you should understand that 1-2 months are not enough for effective work with advertising.

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