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About project

The company of our customer has grown by more than 5 times for 2 years of cooperation with us… 


In 2019 the company constructed only a few objects a year, but in 2021 our client even had to refuse from orders due to lack of resources. We launched a fullfledged representative office in another big city and prepearing for the next one. 


We were the first ones to implement Google Shopping for building projects and received a lot of traffic literally for pennies. No one did it because this is a house project, not a product, and it doesn’t actually exist. 


When you’re working in this niche, you should understand that each potential client has been at various stages in decision making, one dreams about own house, the other chooses a land lot, someone is eager to understand each stage of construction and is looking for expertise in the market. We discovered more than a dozen such user profiles and one of the tasks was to cover every request. 


We got the maximum result when we addressed to search campaigns in the following directions: construction of houses and ready-made house projects. Most of the audience devotes a lot of time to search for a project for a future house, looks at visualization on the site, searches the house cost both for finishing and on turnkey. 


A very important aspect is the site itself and its quality of implementation: speed, functionality, convenience, completeness of information on house projects. 


One of the features of the subject lies in the several months duration from the first client contact to the moment of signing the contract. That’s why it is important to use a CRM system and phone call analytics, for example Ringostat.

Project Manager


cost per one lead

The cost of conversion was about 20$ during the first month when we launched the advertising. 4 months later we could reduce it by more than 30%. We always strive to get more with less resources. It also applies to maintaining your advertising account. We always try to save the client’s money so that the client can receive more and more requests over time for the same budget.

leads for the first month

Case: One of the clients asked to estimate the cost to erect the fence for the house, and a year later, he ordered the construction of building, which cost by 4-5 times higher than the average market price.

We received 143 potential clients for construction of building, so it is very important for each client to find its own approach and to help to find a dream house. You should correctly identify the need, work out all the objections and choose the appropriate one for a person.

visits of the site for 3 month

One of the strategies was to get the maximum targeted traffic amount at the expense of all available Google Ads tools. We managed to get more than 6 thousands target users to the website for 3 months.


Сlient feedback

We love our clients, and they love us back

We originally approached Fenix with a small website on WordPress. The guys improved our position to the top 3 literally in a month. After that, they explained that the site was poorly implemented and that we would not be able to scale it up. We reworked the site, understanding that we were going to do SEO further. In 2 years, we have increased traffic almost 10 times. We are in the business of building houses and we are booked a year in advance. We are very happy with our partnership.



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