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About project

The website started to bring the sales since the first days after launch of advertising. Our client received 18,900 sales just for 10 months of work, which generated the turnover of more than 90 000$, and advertising costs did not exceed 10%. 


The client launched the manufacture of textile products. After we developed the online store, we received the task to start the active sales of products throughout Ukraine both for end consumers and wholesale customers. We planned to sell several product categories: home textiles, women’s clothing and towels. 


Google Shopping was chosen as the main advertising tool as we at once understood that this advertising type would be the most effective. Looking ahead, let’s say it was the right decision. We’ve developed the website by ourselves and followed every project stage as efficiently and professionally as possible. This fact affected the feed development speed and quality. 


The main success factor is, of course, the product itself. The client perfectly understood that a product with a low price would be in demand in a market for the mass consumer, which would generate an acceptable turnover if there was a sufficient volume of sales. Due to an adequate pricing policy, we manage to reach 2,000 sales every month.

Project Manager


sales for 10 month

We can reach 2,000 sales every month thanks to adequate pricing policy at online store. The quality in setting of advertising cabinet greatly affects the effectiveness of sales but in case of price growth by 2-3 times, there won’t be as many sales as now.

cost per lead

The Customer’s cost is certainly one of the most important performances that we track. Each time we calculate the maximum allowable price of one order, based on average check and the cost of the goods and try not to go beyond 10%.

advertising investments from revenue

We strictly monitor the ratio of investments into advertising and business turnover that we promote because this is the only way for our client to be in progress. First, we always discuss the maximum permissible value of this performance with the customer.

In 90% of cases, you can get 10-15% of investments into any kind of business and product without problems. You should correctly determine the most effective advertising tool.

90K $

The combination of all the factors, described above, enabled to obtain this result. We emphasize once again that setting the advertising quality is very important but only 30% affects the final result. The rest is the product itself.

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