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About project

We have been working month after month already for more than 3 years in order to receive targeted orders for our client’s business. We take the monthly feedback from sales department, use the phone call analytics from Ringostat to optimize the advertising.


Client’s task was to attract the customers in B2B segment for international, oversized, rail and other similar types of transportation.


The main difficulty of the project lies in the customer’s lack of interest in small orders, local transportation and house moves. Therefore, we focused only on search queries without double implication. 


Briefly about success factors: recommendations to site for conversion growth, competent account structure, relevant keywords, work with negative keywords, accoun

Project Manager


cost per one lead

Before we started working, Neolit received the calls from customers, who asked to transport a refrigerator or to help with moving around a town. There’s no sense to spend the advertising budget on such customers as it is not paid off.

After we have developed the new strategy, the investments into advertising have fully been reimbursed. It should also be noted that the new customers often become your constant clients.

orders per month

After the works were completed, the money was spent only on desired clients for customer. Thanks to advertisement, the calls began to come directly from the owners of cargo with request for large transportation to international directions. There were also the orders for sea, railway and air transportation.

It is considered a very good indicator in niche of logistics. Often, the owners mistakenly believe that the more you show at the page top, the more customers and the more sales you have.

cost per click

Practically, this is far from always the case, and in 90% of cases it turns out to be a waste of budget. Since the competition is extremely high and sometimes the price per click in transportations can reach up to 7$.  The price 0,4$ allows to spend the daily budget as rationally as possible and to get more clicks and customers with the same budget as your competitors


Сlient feedback

We love our clients, and they love us back


On behalf of Neolit Logistics I would like to thank Fenix team for the long-term effective cooperation. The guys provide us with a full range of services: were engaged in maintenance of the previous site, developed a new site, are engaged in its technical support and promotion for the past 8 years.


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