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300+ orders during the first month for brand new online store of mattresses

Before we launched the advertising, we had a plan of 4 different promotions per each week of the month, the pillows, mattress covers and blankets were were anticipated as a gift to expensive items, free delivery was also offered, part payments for goods that cost more than 80$ was connected, etc. 



We implemented Usleep’s comprehensive entry into the market in 2019 using the digital channels, which were available at that time. Usleep is the manufacturer of mattresses that have the same brand name, and it was this feature that made it possible to develop the marketing solutions that were absent in the market at that time, which ultimately led to a quick super-result. 



Productive cooperation between the outsourcing company and the client provides the best results. The task of the agency is to explain to the client what will affect the conversion of the store and the customer’s task is to analyze the competitors and all offers in the market, mathematically to calculate the pricing, discount and promotion policies, logistics, to conclude the loan agreement with bank, to train the managers and call center. 



Google Ads is a tool that allows you to attract the traffic to the site, there are certainly a lot of tools and approaches to optimize the effectiveness of advertising but the main work is not done in this advertising account.

Project Manager


investments into advertising

An important performance that you should keep track of. The minimum value we had was 6% and the maximum was 17%. Each owner or project manager understands the importance of this performance, without deep analytics it may seem that there

cost per lead

When we first launched, our client had very competitive prices for products, which allowed us to receive many orders within minimal budget. But as price of products were increased, the conversion became less and the maximum price of one order at the peak was around 20$.

In such situation, the customer should adequately understand what is happening, one cannot shift the responsibility for orders and conversion to the agency. You almost cannot affect the conversion of store through Google Ads in such situation.

orders in the first month

On the very first day after we have launched the advertising, we had more than 20 orders, from only one advertising channel – Google Ads. In 17 days of September, we managed to ship more than 200 orders, which we consider a very good result, provided that at that time Usleep was a new brand, a new website, no online mentions, zero offline stores.

50% of all orders were received by phone, 40% through the shopping cart and quick order form, 10% through Jivochat.

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