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About project

We’ve spent less than a year and brought a small site of plumbing manufacturer that had only 3 categories of goods (washbasins, kitchen sinks and bathtubs) to TOP-10 in a fairly competitive topic and achieved the traffic growth almost by 6 times.


When we started working on this project, we firstly moved the client’s old website (websitecatalogue) that was in domain to the new online store that we had developed in ua domain. We always have SEO support for all project that will further be promoted. The main task for this type of activity is maximally to preserve all developments: traffic, positions and reference mass. Let’s say at once, it worked out very well 🙂 


One should comprehensively perceive the project promotion, thoroughly work out the project by on-page basis, allocate the sufficient link budget to compete with the category leaders, regularly fill the site with unique content and elaborate as many pages as possible monthly, pay enough attention to the technical side of the project. 


Thank Miraggio for maximum interest in all ongoing work, only in case when the customer and the contractor work to achieve the same common goal, the results are not long in coming.

Project Manager


seo traffic increased 

Miraggio is a manufacturer of cast marble sanitary ware at premium level. The old corporate site was previously promoted by queries such as “artificial stone wash basins” and as the demand is very limited, the traffic on the site was low. The main task, for which we had already been developing the strategy, was to reach TOP-10 by search queries with the maximum demand per month (high frequency, for example, “washbasins”, “baths”), in order to receive as many visits as possible. The main difficulty in promotion of these queries is the small structure of the site, a small range of products and such large projects as Rozetka, Epicentr, Hotline, Leroy Merlin and specialized stores that are dozens of times superior in all respects, being available in TOP.

order increased

The regular works to improve the website and UX/UI content management, to create the personal accounts for partners and technical optimization of the project play the important role in formation of this performance. SEO’s task is to attract the traffic to the site by business-relevant queries, and the site’s task is correctly to convert all visits into sales. You should not shift the conversion issues to SEO, you need to work with your site and your brand.



Thanks to promotion strategy that we have developed, we managed quickly to bring our customer’s website to TOP-10 for the most traffic queries. As well, we considered the specific thematic queries “artificial stone washbasins”, “cast marble washbasins”, they do not attract much traffic but are the most relevant in relation to the products and are characterized by a higher conversion.

We’ve worked out the filtration pages in details and thanks to it we managed sufficiently to expand the site structure to be able to compete with huge projects like Epicenter. No works on site were made as it concerned BLOG while we were writing this case, so, all traffic is commercial, not informational.


The subject of plumbing is characterized by high level of competition and it is unreal quickly to enter TOP-10 by such query as “buy a washbasin” or “buy a bath”.

During the first 4-5 months, the project was in accumulation mode, a large number of works were carried out, the reference mass was increased, a large number of pages were created and optimized, the improvements were made.  Already since 5 th – 6 th months there was a monthly tangible growth of keywords and traffic in TOP.

A small number of phrases in TOP is quite adequate as you remember that the site contains only 3 categories of goods and no mass market but only products under Miraggio brand. The level of brand awareness is very different now and a year ago.


Сlient feedback

We love our clients, and they love us back

We are a manufacturer of artificial stone sanitary ware. We were very worried that we would not be able to achieve results in SEO, we only have 4 product categories and not many products. As a result, in one year the site was in the top 10 for all priority keywords, and the traffic increased by more than 5 times.



CMO, manufacturer
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