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Why Google Shopping is the best ads tool for e-commerce?

Product advertising is one of the most effective ways to sell products on the Internet, provided there is a clearly formed demand. When searching, users can immediately see the ad with your product, its image and price.

How Google Shopping works?

Product ads, also known as merchant ads, Google Shopping, Google Merchant or Google Shopping is the name of one tool.

When users are searching, they can see advertising immediately below the search bar or on the right side (on computers and laptops). In this type of advertising the user immediately sees a photo of the product, its name, price and reseller.

This type of advertising is configured in a special Google Ads account. For a successful launch, several steps are required, which will require the involvement of specialists.

You will definitely need a feed with the uploading of data on all products, which is subsequently uploaded to the Google Merchant Center and fine-tuned. The site must be able to pay by card and deliver by courier. In addition, information on the terms of returning the goods, their warranty and the public offer agreement must be recorded.

The obvious advantages of product advertising:

The undeniable advantage is the lower cost per click compared to regular search ads . Thus, this tool will allow you to attract almost twice as many visitors to the site within the same budget, when compared with the usual search.

  • High conversion. Traffic from this channel is more relevant, because even before going to the site, potential buyers see the product they were looking for right on the search results page, they can compare the prices of several stores and only then click on the ad.


  • Low cost of attraction. Compared to conventional search advertising, TP will be cheaper by default, regardless of the subject of the project, on average from 20 to 50%. This allows you to attract a fairly large amount of high-quality traffic to the site for relatively little money, which is useful for both completely new projects and older ones.


  • Wide reach. Product ads don’t need to target specific keywords. The system itself will understand what requests to advertise products. This approach allows you to display ads for both general phrases – “fishing gloves” and low-frequency queries “buy gloves for winter fishing in Ukraine”.


  • Flexibility. With TP, you can customize the display of ads for certain categories of the site, and even for individual products.

Steps for setting up product ads

To run a product ad, you must meet certain requirements from Google.

The cost of the work includes the main stages:

  • Preparing the XML file for uploading with product data;
  • Preparing recommendations for inclusion on the site on the client side;
  • Making changes on the site for moderation;
  • Setting up a Google Merchant Center account, uploading a feed, passing moderation;
  • Setting up a shopping campaign in Google Ads, launching advertising;
  • Maintenance and management of TP within a month from the moment of launch.

You can also separately order only the preparation of the feed and set up the Google merchant on your own, if you have confidence and all the necessary skills.

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