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Website prototype – what is it? Types of proto

Inmost cases, website prototyping at the initial stages of work is of little interest to the customer. This is due to the lack of all the necessary knowledge and understanding of the specifics of the individual stages of work. Very often, the owners of a trading portal are guided by elementary requirements, forgetting about the importance of details. Although in essence the layout is the main component, a platform for a promising project.

The service for creating a site prototype allows the customer to see possible errors and immediately change the structure or sequence of blocks. This approach saves time and money, as it does not require much effort on the part of specialists.

The essence of the website prototype

Prototype of – this is a layout, a schematic explanation, which is the basis for creating a future site. Developers use it as a direct aid when fulfilling an order.

The prototype of the site is the detailed modeling of each element and the structuring of all blocks. It is designed to visualize the location of content elements and the effectiveness of their interaction.

Proper creation of site layouts will minimize all risks and possible inaccuracies that will hinder functionality.

The main tasks that the layout solves:

  • Visual representation of the project with a detailed location of all blocks.
  • Adjusting the structure of the future site without high costs.
  • The role of the start-up estimate project, which allows you to pre-calculate all costs and determine the budget for a particular project.
  • Prioritization, discussion and hypothetical reflection with the prospect of successful development.
  • The ability to design according to the wishes of the client and show the overall look of the site.

Preliminary development of a site prototype affects the financial side of the issue. For example, if the customer does not like something in the design, this moment can be easily corrected immediately on the layout. When changes are made to an already running site, it takes more time and often requires additional payment.

Types of site prototypes

Before starting work, it is necessary to determine the main goals and objectives that designers will use in the process of developing the interface. Compliance with the model and future design is always a priority, as it affects the perception and understanding of the information presented.

Low fidelity

The design is done in black and white, but the most important aspects and details are colored highlighting and expressive outline. The text blocks are schematically indicated, the possible arrangement of pictures and photos is highlighted with squares, and the role of the content and its information content are determined.

This page prototype is used for detailed design, user interaction with the interface and direct information about prices, reviews, additional services.

High fidelity

Development of site prototypes provides for detailed and accurate placement of all text, visual and advertising blocks. Here you can already see the content itself, evaluate the quality of the pictures and the typography of the hierarchy. The presence of colored elements shows the big picture, but is not the final version of the site.

This prototype allows you to demonstrate all the functionality in detail, calculate the flaws and determine the ways of interacting with consumers. This allows you to correct the future site in time without affecting the complex processes of graphic design that is present in the finished project.

What is the value and necessity of site prototyping

We figured out what a site prototype is. This is a detailed schematic representation of the future project, which can be compared with the architectural drawings of a house. The document has sharp details and color effects that allow you to create a preliminary impression, avoiding numerous mistakes.

Prototype performance is expressed as:

  • simply adjusting all the details at the initial stage;
  • opportunities to make changes and add functionality;
  • in saving time and money at all stages of work;
  • opportunities to test a future project on real users.

Create a site layout – means to acquire an effective tool for work, which in a short period of time will increase the profitability of the business. It will also help to structure the site, taking into account all the details and specifics of modern programming.

Everyone has the right to decide where to make a prototype site. When choosing a company, it is recommended to pay attention to professionalism, the presence of successful work and existing projects. This will maximize usability and develop an effective layout for later use by developers.

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