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About project

In just 6 months we managed to increase search traffic on our client’s site by 15 times! The project was promoted from scratch, starting with the creation of an online pharmacy store, SEO-support service at development phase and internal SEO-optimization.


Even before the website development, the client understood that the main traffic channel of the future project would be exactly Organic Search, which allowed us to provide all the necessary functionality for further SEO-promotion, build a competent scalable structure and perform the basic on-page and technical preparation of the project in the early stages of cooperation.


For large projects, where the main traffic channel will be SEO, you must develop the site together with the team, which will promote it in the future. The client chose us because our company has two full-fledged large departments of inhouse specialists who covered all the tasks of the project.

Project Manager


seo traffic increased 

Rapid growth of the project due to the fundamental analysis of its growth points, because we knew in advance through the promotion of which pages we will get the most traffic, at the stage of site development, we were able to prepare it correctly.

orders increased

Traffic has increased in 15 times, and the number of orders in 3.5 times – it’s not a bad ratio, but it could be better. First of all, product prices and the number of pharmacies influence the number of orders. At the initial stage of the project, our client can not boast of either, but is working hard to increase conversions.

It should be understood that the main traffic pages of the Internet pharmacy are products, the monthly demand is very high, but even the most relevant phrases at least 80% imply informational interest (to read the instructions and reviews, see the price, check availability in the pharmacy).

If a pharmacy chain has many off-line outlets, you need to learn to count how much the traffic increases in them, because if a person needs one pack of an inexpensive drug, he is often too lazy to place an order, he will just check availability and go get it at the nearest pharmacy.

keywords in TOP-10

This is not the limit, the category leaders are ranked in the top 10 for hundreds of thousands of keywords, which means that we have a space to grow. But for a young project, more than 14 000 phrases in the top 10 for only 6 months, almost from scratch, is an excellent dynamics.


We want to emphasize once again that the most important thing for a quick result is the competent preparation of the project at the earliest stages and the cooperation of the DEV and SEO departments.

At one of our first meetings, we offered to our client SEO-support at the stage of website creation, which allowed to implement all the necessary functionality for further promotion, to create the necessary sections for SEO (eg, the “Medicine Directory”, which became the main point of site growth), develop a competent structure and technically prepare the site for the actual requirements of Google search engine.

More often there are examples when the site is made and the search for a SEO contractor begins with the ready-made product. This approach in 100% of cases leads to loss of time and money. Everything starts with a seo-audit, revision of the structure, dopilivaniya functionality, the introduction of technical optimization. It turns out that you can not open an empty site for indexing and need to write a million characters of unique content, place it on the site and optimize the main pages. As a rule, all this will take 2-3 months.


Сlient feedback

We love our clients, and they love us back

What I like about the Fenix Industry team is their progressive approach to their business. The guys are on the wave of new technologies and the latest trends in the IT industry. Our company has been working with Fenix for more than two years. They have developed for us an online pharmacy site with quite a complex data exchange system and are still providing technical support. For more than a year we have been working on the seo-promotion.



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