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SEO support at the site development stage

Atthe site development stage, SEO-support is a set of fundamental works on SEO-optimization of the project, after which the site will be technically and functionally ready for further SEO-promotion.

Why is this relevant?

99% of sites that start SEO work immediately begin to be redesigned. At a minimum, you will immediately be offered to do a seo-audit of the project and implement the TOR for technical optimization.

Specialists put forward a lot of requirements:

  • remake the structure of the site, as it does not meet the search demand (may lead to a change in the Url-addresses of pages, redirects, confusion in the indexing of the project and relevance if the site is already available for scanning by search engines)
  • add new sections/pages
  • to complete the functionality (important growth points of search traffic are missing, there is no possibility to optimize a certain type of pages, etc.)
  • conduct a SEO audit of the project
  • develop technical optimization technical task and implement it
  • perform internal optimization

All this leads to additional losses of time and budget.

In turn, the developer cannot and should not be blamed for the fact that the site does not take into account any SEO requirements. The customer must independently take care of the issue of further development of his resource. Before starting development, you can always consult with experts, think about how and where to get clients for your business, what advertising channels will be the main and most effective.

Why do you need SEO support?

The main task of the complex of support works is to get a website ready for further SEO-promotion of the product, without the need for further global changes and alterations.

The use of this approach, after the launch of the project, allows you to save 2-3 months and an average of 3000-5000$ without carrying out a number of standard works (seo-audit, implementation of technical specifications for optimization, full internal optimization).

At this stage, the semantic core is being worked out, which will make it possible to prepare the site for a specific search demand, and not for abstract concepts / service names that people do not enter in Google search.

After the semantic analysis of the project, specialists, together with the customer, work out the future structure of the project and give their recommendations, which allows not to redo it globally in the future, generate the correct URLs for all all pages, speed up further filling and launching the project.

Further work of seo-specialists is related to the preparation of requirements for the necessary functionality of the site, implementation features and its technical optimization.

At the last stage, a full check of the resource is carried out and SEO specialists can proceed to the internal optimization stage.

Why order a SEO service if you still need to do internal optimization?

At the Phoenix Industry agency, for our customers, we reduce the cost of internal website optimization by exactly the amount that SEO support was estimated at.

For example:

  • cost of basic internal optimization = 2000$
  • cost of seo-support = 1000$

The cost of the final internal optimization at the time of project readiness and after support will be only 1000$. As a result, the total cost of the agency’s work on preparing the site is unchanged.

At this stage, if you refuse support work, you will not save anything, but if you refuse, you will most likely spend an extra 2/3/5 thousand $. (if the project is not big).

The customer receives a lot of benefits, reduced project launch time, cost savings due to the uselessness of rework, as well as on the work of an SEO agency.

When is maintenance not required?

There is no point in holding this event if:

  1. There is no search demand in the topic
  2. You have a one-page site – “landing”
  3. Sure that you will never engage in SEO promotion, for example, you have an image project

Main stages of work

  • Analysis of the main competitors in the TOP-10, identification of the main possible growth points of the project in organic search
  • Consulting a developer at the prototyping and design stage
  • Semantic analysis, search demand check
  • Development of recommendations on the optimal structure of the catalog (further formation of the structure is carried out by the client according to our example)
  • Consulting developers on the necessary functionality for further SEO promotion
  • Final check. Basic technical preparation of the site for compliance with SEO requirements
  • Preparing system files: robots.txt, sitemap.xml
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Registering a site in Google Webmaster
  • Controlling the launch of the site on the main domain

* by default, maintenance does not include moving the site and transferring information from the old one. This amount of work must be evaluated separately, the cost depends on the complexity and scope of the project.

Does relocation and/or transfer of the site included to seo-support?

It is important not to confuse these two concepts.

Moving and transferring is relevant only when there is an old working site and a new one is being developed.

Transfer – duplication of all information from the old site to the new one. This includes: transferring products, transferring text descriptions of static pages, categories and product pages, transferring meta-tags and headlines, transferring news. The transfer of information should be evaluated as part of the development of the site with the current contractor, as it is much easier, faster and less expensive to do things like transferring goods in an automated way, rather than manually.

Moving is necessary for any live project when there are positions and organic traffic. The main task is to save all indicators when changing the engine and project structure.

On the part of SEO specialists, it is necessary to fully analyze the old and new site, prepare a technical task for the site developer for each item that affects the preservation of key indicators. After the developer has implemented all the recommendations and requirements, you can move the project.

Moving should be evaluated separately, together with the developer.

If you do not need to immediately promote the site?

Even if SEO-promotion of the site is not planned to be carried out from the very first month, we still recommend performing SEO-maintenance for a number of objective reasons.

The essence of support is not to prepare the site for promotion, it is done at the stage of internal optimization, which you can already refuse if you are not going to promote, for example.

SEO maintenance will allow you to develop a site that will be correctly indexed by the search engine and there will be no need for further alteration of the project (changing the structure, changing page URLs, performing redirects, performing technical improvements).

In fact, the site can be opened almost immediately for the Google search robot and start promotion when it is relevant, without further rework and additional investments.

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