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About project

Dniprobud contacted us with a simple request for SEO promotion of their site in 2019. The client checked up to 10 search queries, according to which their site took only in average 5-6 places. The organic traffic did not exceed 1,000 visits per month. 

The site was made on WordPress and had many problems, the most important of which was the low conversion, primarily due to poor implementation of the site itself. To top it all off, it was hacked to share the links through one of the installed apps.

What did we do? 

We showed a quick result. We took TOP-1 with all additional client queries just in 1 month thanks to internal optimization. Then we encountered a lot of problems with WP platform and decided to redo the site for framework. 

When we gathered the semantics, we at once realized that 70-80% of the site’s traffic in this topic is formed by search group “building projects”, so we focued on development and optimization of this section already on the new site. 

The client used the service “support at site development stage“, which allowed us to implement the most well-thought-out site to meet the goals and objectives of our client. This approach to site development saved the client from audits, recommendations, revisions and other standard surprises. The migration to the new CMS was completed. 

We have been working with this site for 15 months, and, thanks to properly developed strategy for a complex of internal work and external optimization of the site, we have achieved the significant results: we have taken TOP-3 as it concerned main mass of the most competitive queries, we have increased SEO traffic almost by 10 times, have taken the high positions in Kyiv, as a result, we have significantly increased the number of orders for construction, which led to exceeding the company’s plan for 2020 by more than 2.5 times.

Project Manager


organic search increased

We’ve made the analysis of semantic core and based on its results, we correctly defined the query groups, thanks to which of organic traffic for 15 months. the project may scale the traffic. All needed sections were developed under our guidance and the necessary functionality for further SEO optimization was laid. Further monthly works on project internal optimization and the reference strategy provided with the result that you can see now.

requests increased

SEO activities have has always been closely related to UX / UI. When we went insight the customer’s business processes, it enabled us to update the site and significantly to increase its conversion.

phrases in TOP-10

200 queries in TOP-10 is a good result for the houses building niche. Main keywords are in high demand and competition. As a result of integrated approach to project promotion, we managed significantly to expand the project semantics and to cover a fairly large number of queries.



We did the great job to receive this result:

  • gave the quick result to the client on old site, built on WordPress platform
  • got into TOP-1 by the main keywords
  • made the analysis of competitors
  • defined the points in project growth and focused on their development
  • started designing the new site while supporting the old one
  • fully controlled the entire development process
  • moved the new site to domain (moving between CMS systems)
  • made the internal optimization of the project
  • started implementing the referral strategy
  • every month worked to improve the conversion

We’ve still got a lot of work to do and the great plans to implement…


See the dynamics by traffic and the number of keywords in TOP-10 and TOP-3 for last 12 months since publication of this case (November 10, 2020) on this graph.

The increase in the number of keywords is directly accompanied by increase in traffic. The low- and medium frequently asked keywords appear in TOP at the first stages of site promotion, there are many of them but they do not greatly affect the traffic, however, as a rule, they are characterized by a higher conversion rate.

Look at the blue graph with traffic and you can see a sharp increase, about 12 months after we’ve started that work – high frequently asked queries entered TOP-3, before that they were already in TOP-10. CTR for site in the first position is about 40%, while for the tenth month it is already less than 5%.


Сlient feedback

We love our clients, and they love us back


We originally approached Fenix with a small website on WordPress. The guys improved our position to the top 3 literally in a month. After that, they explained that the site was poorly implemented and that we would not be able to scale it up. We reworked the site, understanding that we were going to do SEO further. In 2 years, we have increased traffic almost 10 times. We are in the business of building houses and we are booked a year in advance. We are very happy with our partnership.


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