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About project

We managed to increase the search traffic on our client’s website by 86 times just for 8 months! We promoted the site almost from scratch that led to rapid growth. At the start, the organic traffic was less than 10,000 visits. 


We started the work under project from website development for pharmacy chain as our client was going to promote the site at the same time, that’s why we offered SEO-support service at development stage, which enabled to provide all necessary functionality, to lay the correct scalable structure, duly to work out the future points in project growth and to make the technical preparation of the site for current SEO requirements. 


Since 2019, the promotion of medical sites has become quite difficult due to the large number of Google’s algorithm updates and requirements that must be met. 


We are sure that the most important thing in SEO promotion is the competent preparation of the project and the correct launch of the site since the first days. Never ignore the preparation as it is the important stage as the technology itself because further success of the project depends on what you do at very early stages.

Project Manager


seo traffic increased 

Since we realized the promotion of which pages would allow getting the most traffic, we achieved the rapid growth of the project thanks to fundamental analysis of growth points, and we could duly prepare it at the stage of site development.

orders increased

The conversion rate is in optimal values for an online store. One should understand that the higher the traffic, the lower the conversion percentage is. It’s common, especially for pharmacy.

The main traffic comes from products keywords (hundreds of keywords with a frequency of more than 100,000 queries per month). Although such search for pharmacy is as relevant as possible, we understand that it is informational by 80-90% (people read instructions and reviews, look at prices).

keywords in TOP-10

We reached this number of phrases in TOP-10 almost from scratch, and this is more to come. It is quite normal for online pharmacy to be ranked by tens thousands of keywords in TOP10. Hundreds of pages are ranked in TOP absolutely with no links thanks to high-quality technical and on-page project optimization.



We would like to emphasize once again that the most important thing to achieve a quick result is the competent project preparation at very early stages.

Look at the following example. The products pages are in the highest demand (hundreds of keywords with a frequency of more than 100,000 queries per month). However, it is unreasonable to promote a product page. It makes no sense to post the external links to the product, including because of constant assortment rotation as the products are running out, withdrawn from production, or removed by managers.

As a rule, each product has 4-5 release options (drops, capsules, tablets, 10 pcs, 30 pcs). There is a high probability that the relevance between almost the same product pages will constantly jump. Even if the product is accidentally removed, the position will go up or down. If we consider this situation within the store that contains 50,000 products, it turns out to be a total chaos.

We have developed a separate section on website – “catalog of medicines”, where we anticipated an individual category according to the name of medicine for each search query that includes all options of the products and when a user goes to such page, he/she receives the most relevant answer. In SEO’s terms, there is one optimized and linkable page that will never be changed.


Сlient feedback

We love our clients, and they love us back

In the first year, we were able to increase our website traffic from 0 to 500,000 visits per month. We have been in business for over 3 years and are constantly achieving new results. We have a challenging and competitive niche, with a lot of updates that greatly affect the performance of the site. Fenix have proven themselves as a real professionals.



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